How to get specific data in db storage

how i can get spesific data Harga in there blocks

i need use just value Harga For other screen plss Help me master

What :exploding_head:, you make the logic, you don't know how to get data Harga.
and I think you have another block

i need go other screen but that local data and how i can call that only harga text
i dont know how chat that tag

all my block in screen
plss help me for spesific get value data at Harga

get an image of your blocks (→ right mouse click in Blocks area)

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So you only want to take data harga, not anything else right?

I want to get all the data
but I want to distinguish between Barang and Harga data calling
for the other screen
but i need get only Value Harga For I can give other Proses in other screen

can u help sir plss

do you mean the results you have made on the first screen you want to see them on other screens?

and can you translate your procedure blocks to english

I want to make a sales report
in simple form it only includes the number of items sold
and in that we can add the types of goods that are available according to what is being sold
and the price has been determined according to our initial input

so logically on the initial screen set the item name and price

on the other screen displays the name of the item that was made into the list and the item in the list already has a price value that was made
and include the number of items that are sold

so what do you want to do first, and is that project made by you?

i want do how make item and price get to input that the projek and that save to db is done
but i dont know how to call that item and price to the other screen for that block

Follow this method :

  1. Add tinydb on another screen with the same name as the previous screen
  2. Add ListView1
  3. Add this Block to another screen :

4.Call that block on another screen like this :

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how to call tag spesific my data sir other screen i dont know about name tag

this is your tag :

Make it like this if you want to retrieve only one data :

but other screen cant call that becaus not have TB_merekB texe

that is a textbox, so you fill in the data and it will return something.

btw, could you please give me aia so I can understand what the language you put on the block works like

my block other screen
blocks (4)
i just need call name item

i need that value item for get new value for listview
blocks (6)
i jst need clear new tag in my new screen

why you make it like that, the listview must connect with variable DataBase Right?