How to get shared file

a basic question.

I have created MyApp which shares a file :
I can send it to several Apps on my phone
Now I have myGettingApp, which should receive and work on
so to share the file with myGettingApp
What is the way to do this?


You have probably already explored these possibilities Horst:

What you do depends on the nature of your shared file. A text file, a pdf, an image, a sound file or whatever.

If the file is text, there are multiple possibilities:

Post your file to a Shared GoogleSpreadsheet as a text on your GoogleDrive. Those with the myGettingApp can read it using the spreadsheetID link.

Create an app using CloudDB. Save the text to a Tag. Share with anyone who has the app created with the same apk in real time.

Create an app using the FirebaseDB . Save the text to a Tag. Share with anyone who has the app as above.

eMail the file to whoever you want as text using simple methods.

There are limited other possibilities if your file is a sound file or an image, etc. This might involve Google Drive, the MIT Redis CloudDB , the FirebaseDB, or eMail using some method that provides attachments.

I expect there are other options using the Sharing component etc.

You have lots of options.

thanks for the summary. my problem is less sharing the file, but to get it catched with my app. I want to create myGettingApp. So when i Got from p.e. Email, I can share it directly to myGettingApp.

I intended to use an own extension like .xyz But maybe I have to use .txt. or ,csv

But I will think about the other methods.

Hi again,
the problem with these services is, that they require online connection. I don’t know, how they work, if the connection is available only on sunday night and very slow. (inner DRCongo) So I have to transport by Email or other way. the file with the datas.
But now, how to prepare the MyGettingApp When I try to open the file it is offered also MyGettingApp as a choice. Otherwise I have to store the file, open MyGettingApp and import it. Also possible, but for my users difficult.

Yes, to share files with a USER using your app you must use either

  • the Internet or
  • a phone network or
  • send an eMail with a file attachment (which requires the Internet to access the eMail).

To send an eMail with Text can be done with the ActivityStarter; to send other attachments you need to probably use a paid extension.

To share files directly with your app, you must have an Internet connection. A slow connection will work for text based files; sending images etc. probably will require a better quality connection. Can the slow connection in inner DRCongo work? Perhaps, you could try it as an experiment and see what happens. As indicated earlier, you can use the Sharing component to send a file via Whatsapp, use a GoogleSpreadsheet on your GoogleDrive, use a connection to your own server that you maintain, use the FirebaseDB (or perhaps CloudDB) and experiment to find out what works to achieve your goal. These all use the Web and may or may not work well with a s l o w Internet connection.

A phone network limits you to sending an sms (Text message) and allows 170 characters per individual message.


Thank you steve for the answers. I have a way to send the file. My question is how to get it caught by my app. If i get a file by email I click on it and I get several apps to choice. But now how to do the last step, how to prepare the app to do that. I know it is difficult to explain.

As far as I understood, you want to send a file to a place with slow internet (DR Congo) and then work on that file with your myGettingApp. The file could either be sent by email or with your MyApp. You can try to explain it in German via private message if you want

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