How to get rid of this error message "no method named Column in class"

  1. export aia
  2. open it with 7-Zip or winRAR
  3. go to the affected ScreenX.scm: right mouse click: “Edit” (or: F4)
  4. remove “Column”:“X” and “Row”:“Y”
  5. close Editor & 7-Zip / winRAR

No need to copy or rename anything. See the solution from @Svetlana_GREGOIRE : Newbie here...need a little help invoke: no method named `Column' in class

Since this error has only occurred for a few days and I have never encountered it before, I assume that it is related to the last AI2 update. @ewpatton

I went through all the versions of App Inventor from nb181 (when multiselect was released) through nb183b (released yesterday). I was able to reproduce this issue in nb183, but not nb183a. I did quite a bit of work between nb183 and nb183a on the multiselect functionality based on reports from @SteveJG and @ABG. The bug was that having the screen selected along with dragging a component into a TableArrangement would result in the Screen inheriting the column and row properties erroneously. I’ve submitted an additional patch that will remove these properties when the project loads (pending review).


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This guide is / should be obsolte with the last update (nb183c):