How to get HMAC SHA-256 as hexadecimal code?


I was the first to work with cryptography …
I have a question: I need to generate the Signature API, to calculate the signature i should to use the HMAC SHA-256 algorithm. Ok i’m using the TaifunTools extension and method image but I get result as base64 encoded…

How to convert base64 to hexadecimal ???

Thank you!

probably the following extension can help: Security Extension by Peter Zhong to provide hash and encrypt/decrypt methods

for the extensions directory see also App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


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Thank you, Taifun!

I could not find the necessary solution and I wrote mine with Javascript. Maybe someone will need it…
HMAC_SHA256_HEX.aia (23.9 KB) .

and this link to check:

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