How to get all keys in a yailDictionary

how to get all keys in a YailDictionary

Please elaborate more..

there is a YailDictionary i need to get all keys from it in java

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it's very simple you only need to use this block :


what's the point :sweat_smile:

i need it for my extension!!!

Okay, I'll try to think about that

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See the inventor app source for the dictionary component.

i did but i did not saw to get all keys maybe i did not found it can you share here because i looked at it three times but did not found to get all keys in dictionary

You can get key set in this way:

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Hi @Aarush_Kumar , I have tried this code and it 100% worked :star_struck:

   @SimpleFunction(description = "")
    public YailList GetKeys(YailDictionary values) {
       return YailList.makeList(values.keySet());