How to fix this problem?

see the image attached to help me with it. The problem is happening in the photo booth app in the mit app tutorials. thanks.

Show your blocks please.

It is happening when i use the companion or the apk

here it is,

See those blocks?


Set the Background to get image instead of BackgroundColor.

Also, you did not finish this event. There is an extra socket.


However, I do noticed that you have an extra text block behind it. Try replacing contains all with contains and plug the text block in?


ok thanks a lot, I will try.

Well it did fix that problem, but there is another one-

It is happening then i try to share the image in canvas 1

Updated post, please read again.

thanks a lot, problem sovled.


Please don't spam. The community can decide whether to tick the post as a solution - it is all up to the OP's decision. Thank you.


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