How to fix blank first row on using table viewer

I am trying using table viewer extension that the data retrieved from mysql database.
But I found blank first row that only have 1 column which this should not be displayed.
How to fix this issue?

Display of apps as follow:

Block of code as follow:

It looks like your data starts with an invisible new line character \n
You might want to fix this in your server script


Thanks for your quick response.
Your view that stated it may there is an invisible new line character \n is make sense, but when I check my php script I cannot find any mistake on my php script that might could generate new line character \n.

This is the php script:
php script.txt (1.1 KB)

Problem already resolved now as your input.
I fix the issue by add function "trim" before retrieve 'responseContent'.
Thanks for your input.

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