How to enumerate TinyDB NameSpaces using only the File component?

I took a whack at creating a File Explorer app to see all my TinyDB NameSpaces, using only AI2 native components.

I tried exploring the available File Scopes but could not find the place where the TinyDB NameSpaces lived.

There is a suspicious silence when I try to list directories for

  • Cache and
  • Private

(Prior work needed a shell command: Existing namespace - #10 by ABG)

Here's the current state of my file explorer:
ASD_explorer.aia (5.3 KB)

Any ideas?

Going back to the shell command, I get this on Android 9, I imagine that on Android > 9 it will not be so easy to explore the files.
Everything in MIT Companion.

borrar_tinydb.aia (17.2 KB)

When ListDirectory.Private (/storage/emulated/0/AppInventor/data) I get a series of files, I don't know if they are files from previous versions of MIT Companion that remain in that directory.

There is a cache in

TinyDB in

It's good to know what's out there, but I am shooting for an extension-free solution, so I can post to the Gallery and hope for eventual cross-platform compatibility.

I haven't used the MakeFullPath block yet.

It might be the missing piece for me.

These directories are created at runtime if needed (at least with Companion).

Try this one:
ASD_explorer2.aia (15.6 KB)

Possibly the only workable method is to make a list of namespaces as they are created?