How to do texts with apart points?

I create a label box where I want to put a long text. How can I make in the block section, that this text have points and separate and not all continuous writing.

Not quite sure what you mean, but:

Put ā€œ\nā€ (without quotes) where you want a new line


Use the join block to break up your text


Tick the HTMLFormat check box in the designer for the label, then use the limited html tags available to format your text. (a new line would be "<br>" with htmlFormat.

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Or define it in full HTML and display in a Web View component.

Also see this sample project for presentation ā€¦

If you text is more than a single page, you should keep it as a set of text files in the Media folder, and not in blocks, otherwise you will overwhelm the Blocks editor.
You can designate a particular text file name as a Table of Contents, with chapter names and file names, to make your storage more flexible.

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