How to do "is in list" with a list of list?

Hello! I am creating an app for trainee casino dealer.
Right now, I'm working on the Poker part but I have a problem ^^
I have a list of list call DeckPlay that is a list of 52 index (for each card) with on each index the value of the card and the symbol of the card.

I have a function that give cards to each player, In that function I have another list of list call CardGiven that contain the card that was given before.
I have the last list RandomCard that copy a card in DeckPlay so the value and the symbol of the card.

What I would like to do is to see if RandomCard is already in the list CardGiven, my problem is to use the block "is in list" with a list of list, can someone explain me how to do that? Please :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Before you go further in your app, you should make sure you have a good data model for your card game. Data models are like the bones of your app.

Time spent learning data models will not be wasted. Data model knowledge never goes obsolete, unlike the programming language du jour.

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Thanks, that's nice to you :slight_smile:

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