How to do a learning app?

Hello, I am Adrian, I need help to create the principal page, i need that appear a question and below a photo with the solution that it only be seen when you click on buttom show solution. The complicated thing is when I put a next button that I want to change the question and the photo according to the new one, but without changing to a different page.

Hello Adrian.

What have you tried? This app can be created with App Inventor using a single Image component and either a ListOfPairs (photo, question) or using two separate Lists (one for all the photos and one for all the questions).

Have you done this tutorial President’s Quiz ?

It does some of the things you want to do.

In your case, you would initially set the Image.Visible to false (to hide it) and use a Button to make it visible ( Image.Visible to true). This can be done on a single screen. Exactly what you do depends on where you need to store the questions/images (on the device or in a database on the Web); how many images you have and other issues.

Try some blocks; if you run into issues, please ask here again and someone will provide specific advice.

Also you might search the MIT Gallery for ideas using terms like flashcard or quiz. Here is where other developers share some of their code. The coding might give you ideas as to how you want tot design your app. Flashcards are a type of learning app and might be what you want to create.


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