How to display values read from an arduino and sent to APP via internal bluetooth?

I'm currently working on a project where I aim to wirelessly read ECG data from an Arduino AD8232 Heart Monitor and display it in an Android app created via MIT App Inventor.

For the hardware, I'm using an Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect to collect data from the heart monitor. The data is then transmitted via the internal Bluetooth module in the Nano Arduino to the MIT App Inventor application. I've attached both the Arduino code and the MIT App Inventor code.

The Arduino code and the MIT App code seem to be functioning correctly—I can initiate the app on an Android device (currently using a USB connection), scan for available Bluetooth devices, and select the device with the address "c8:c9:a3:e5:e9:e2:ArduinoNanoRP2040," which matches my Arduino Nano. However, I'm encountering an issue where the sensorValue from the Arduino isn't showing up on the app.

I've tried various solutions found through Google searches, such as checking if the serviceUuid and/or the characteristicUuid match my Arduino code, but unfortunately, nothing has worked so far.

It's worth noting that I'm using the BluetoothBLE extension as it's the only one that has allowed me to connect with the Bluetooth of the specific Arduino I'm using.

Could someone please help me understand what might be going wrong in the app code and how to resolve the issue, specifically in displaying the sensorValue on the app?

Thank you!

bluetooth_project_test.ino (1.4 KB)
getBluetoothWorking.aia (197.0 KB)

Used this pdf to get the BLE bluetooth working:
MIT_App_Inventor_Basic_Connection.pdf (596.8 KB)
with the extension: downloadable from here

Dear @EidenAcheron,
sorry, you probably will see a deleted-answer on my side, but I've cancelled it since my analysis of your Arduino code was wrong.
I was suggesting you to have a service and a characteristic codes different each other, but at a more accurate sight I reckon that you dit it.
Anyway, by changing them in the following mode, could it be of some help ?