How to disable zoom in Webviewer without HTML?

Hello, I have a problem with Webviewer.

I wanted to make a slideshow of GIF files, which are located in my assets.

Now, the problam is, that Webviewer has a zoom function enabled and I don't want this.

I read this topic here, but didn't get how to make it without HTML, if I have just a GIF. Can someone help me? Is it possible or not?


Would you like to use an extension?

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Only if it's free and I have to get permission from him for MIT AI2 Hackathon

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Custom WebView - lite has both features and permission.

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Oh yes right @vknow360 I didn't think about this one :sweat_smile:

So, would you like to give permission to use your extension in MIT Hackathon 2020?

would be good if you post on your topic, then all would see it

Only if you want, ofc

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I have already given that :slight_smile:
Because I am also using that in my app :wink:

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Where? Can't find it

nice one...

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In Kodular Community
I shall post that here soon.


Yes, since not everyone is in the Kodular Community too...

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