How to customize AppInventor Sources

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I am here with new topic to ask all that few questions that how can I customize front end of app inventor i am not asking for code bcz I have an friend who is good at design part I just want to know that from where I can finds that file to customize that I mean where is css Js and html file placed from which I can customise theme of appinventor

Another question is can I make manifest file editable through builder I mean I want to edit manifest file according to user basically what am I trying to do is I want deep linking in component in my builder so is it possible
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The CSS is mostly specified under appengine/war/css. However, much of the app is built using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) in Java. This means that there isn't really any HTML to edit. Instead, the UI exists as a composition of many different Java objects, which GWT transpiles to JavaScript, that are used to construct the UI at runtime. Similarly, there's not much JavaScript again because the logic is written in Java and then transpiled. The big exception to this is the blocks editor, for which the JavaScript exists under blocklyeditor/src and lib/blockly/core/.

Starting next year we are expecting to be working on a UI revamp and as part of that we are going to work on doing a better job separating out the structure from the code so that it will be easier to do these types of customizations in the future.