How to create Photo Montage Software with app inventor?

Hi, I’m wondering, when taking a photo, selecting templates and can we save a photo?
Is this possible with mit app inventor ? I thought a lot about it.I couldn’t see it on the internet no o sample programs.If possible, Please anyone help me ? Can anyone please help me?
Thank You.

Do you mean a photo carousel ?

Hello Dear Tim,
No, I mean, face changer etc. I added a few examples of links and photos.

Thank You,
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Hmmm, neither of your example apps were getting rave reviews!

There is no easy way to do this, might be possible with Taifun’s Image Extension, using overlays and masking, but sizing and positioning the original face will be the issue.

It also may be possible to do something with imagemagick via a php server, which would require the user to have an online connection ?

Or do something with javascript in html ?

Just some ideas for starters…

Or perhaps this might generate some ideas:

Thank you so much.
I did a lot of research. This pura page
I actually did my project
I thought it was very practical.
Screen1 = Photo (Mask or Templates * .jpg or * .png files)
Screen2 = Take a Photo Camera commands app inventor.
just left
saving the photo we see on the phone front screen.
But can the camera face section be restricted?
With App inventor, can the camera be displayed in any section in small format at any point on the front screen?
Can app inventor screen1 and screen2 run simultaneously?

Unfortunately I don’t know the answers to some of my questions
I’m just trying to set goals for myself.
If there is a program and small examples
I can move faster.
My goal is to be able to approach some professional programs.
But I am actually programming Arduino. It makes me happy to use App inventor in electronics.

Thank You
Best Regards…