How to create an app that controls Windows

I want to create an app that can switch windows in my laptop (windows 10) when it receives a signal from arduino uno via bluetooth(hc-05). I am looking to attach the arduino on my room door and whenever the door is opened, arduino send a signal via bluetooth with any value (which i can set). Now, I have done the Arduino Part and I have emulator on PC, i just need help with MIT, like are there any extensions for this or any internal features. Kindly Help Me Guyz :slight_smile:

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Hello Samaksh

Actually, Microsoft have a similar Block Code language to App Inventor, for Windows 10.

Thank You Juan_Antonio and ChrisWard for your help!
I will check the links and respond to you within a week!


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What codes are you using?

I am using the codes you wrote.

What code?

I have only tried it on Windows 7.

Has anyone been able to make a Bluetooth connection between the Android device and Windows 10?