How to create a calendar (Help)

I want to create a calendar. It's my first time using MIT App Inventor. I've achieved to create an alarm using the Taifun alarm extension following a tutorial. The problem is that I cant find any tutorials on how to make a calendar. Just some links to githubs and stuff like that. Most of which I dont really understand. Can someone guide me please?
Thanks in advance.

Please choose the MIT Appinventor Help Category, once you aren't writing a tutorial.

Done, I didnt notice it before.

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I am trying to help. Wait a bit...

Ok thanks!

These article discuss different types of calendars

Ok thanks, I'm going to check it out in a min. Thanks!

  1. add a horizontal Scroll Arrangement
  2. drag a table Arrangement into the horizontal Scroll Arrangement
  3. use monitor size
  4. drag into the grid the components you want (labels buttons, arrangments)
  5. add also a clock to get current moment
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okok. I understand most of what you say, but that will just be visible and not functional. Thanks anyway.


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I copy everyting or do I can download the proyect?

You read the doc.
Everything else is up to you.

Ok. I have already found that before. Didnt know if it worked. I'm going to try it.

And how do I use a .aia?


Ok thanks.