How to convert Image to String base64 and send to bluetooth (Arduino)

Hello Community,
I am convert image into string base64 and send the string (text) to arduino via bluetooth. Can you guide me how to deal with it?

Thanks in advance

Use Juan Antonio’s base64 extension to convert any file to base64 (and back again)

is it possible to send the string to bluetooth like normal text ?
as sending .aux file to bluetooth arduino is little complex

These examples (are in Spanish) try to send characters from App Inventor to Arduino by BT.
BT module is connected to pins 10 and 11, so it needs the SoftwareSerial library.

it is not working. where i am doing wrong?

it would help, if you could tell us, what exactly does not work… else we have to guess…
my guess is, the image is not displayed in the image component?
you might want to correct the following

as test you might want to use a label in the GotString event to display the string… like this you could find out, if the value makes sense…
see also tip 4 about how to debug your project

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This is not BlueTooth. It is simply converting an image to String Base64 and then cumulatively presenting its content.
I think it is a fairly slow process.

Foto_A_BT.aia (19.0 KB)

To send by Bluetooth:


Image is converted into string successfully, but at the time of sending image over bluetooth, it only sends starting part of string in a second. It is not sending complete strings over bluetooth.

I want to send complete string (converted from image) over bluetooth but starting part is receiving at arduino serial monitor end.

You may need to remove all the line endings: “\n” that are created by Juan’s extension - use the text blocks for that.