How to convert from Bluetooth serial to USB serial?

I have a functioning code with BluetoothLE. My program requires continuous reading of serial data, and to make it more dependable, i am making it wired instead of wireless.

While using BluetoothLE, I had used

I do not see such an option with Serial. I searched and found examples by creating a Clock and using the Timer. Since I do not have a definite time and would like to read whatever data comes through the line without worrying about timer boundary, I am at a loss.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I think the built in component is text oriented so it can̈́t transfer any byte value 0-255. It is also limited in the type of usb-serial adapters it can use. Ref Using serial with FTDI.
If you are using my extension GitHub - rkl099/Appinventor-SerialOTG: Appinventor extension SerialOTG with BT/WIFI client/server support, examples of apps and Arduino code, ver 1.5, you have two ways of detecting incoming data, read a byte and test for an error or use the method Available(). There is no event handler in the extension, so you have to use the timer to poll the data. (If you use a loop the UI will be blocked)