How to convert a range of number to another output

Hi all,

I am currently working on a project which requires converting a score into a scale score based on some statistical norms.

Lets say scoring 31 to 45 would all be converted to 35, which i comprehend as (minimum of a range of score +4 = scale score)
and then scoring 13 would get 17, 14 would get 18, 15 would get 19, which i comprehend as (a range score - 4 = scale score)

I would like to create a block to do include both conditions to minimize numbers of blocks (because i have tons of norms needs to be done)
Are there any ways i can do it? The front part of the blocks is not working as it calculates based on the text itself and I couldn’t put a range of number after “min”

Moreover if i get another set of score that also +4 on the smallest number of a range of number, e.g. 20-24 all get 24, are there anyways I can make the app reads the number and convert? Like if i put in 33, it converts to 35, but if I put in 23, it converts to 24.

Thank you very much!

If I understand correctly:

blocks (9)

You could use lists to minimise the else if repeats

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