How to control MIT app with physical joystick and not fingers

Hi there!

I want to control my MIT App using a physical joystick that will be connected to the app via Bluetooth. The Joystick uses an ESP32 and potentiometers to convert its movements to movements on the MIT app.

Think of it like a TV and the remote for the TV that you use to change channels, access menus, search things etc.

So now instead of controlling the MIT using fingers to tap the screen, you use a joystick to achieve the same function.

Is this possible?

Hello Wanangwa

Is this a joystick you have built yourself? You can send commands via bluetooth or Wifi but:

  1. It might lag
  2. Much depends on the design of your App - I think it may have to be on a Canvas such that the Joystick cursor (and all other components) could be a sprite. That would be fine for a game.

Perhaps someone else has done it before or has a better understanding of how to do it than I do.

Edit: Search this forum for "Joystick"

Example corded joystick that works with Android rather than a specific App: Speedlink SL-650212-BKRD

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Yes, this is a joystick that I am making and I will be using an ESP32 as my MCU. I will be using BLE for communication with the application.

I think I have a better idea because I want to use this app to send commands to an RC car that will be controlled remotely. I was thinking, how could I map the coordinates of the physical joystick to the coordinates of a joystick that I will create on the app? So as the physical joystick moves, the app joystick will move along with it.

Well, you can send the coordinates to the App to achieve that, but I think it is an unnecessary burden and in any case, the App User will not be watching that graphic, the User has to watch the RC car.

You could build your project without an App being involved at all, which is worth thinking about. There are plenty of examples on YouTube.