How to connect with BLE

como faco para conectar sou novo na matéria alguem pode me ajudar com isso?

Ao conectar, você deverá ver uma tela semelhante a esta.

Hello joao

Do you mean you can't connect with BLE?

Não consigo me conectar com o meu bluetooth, esta dar erro de Runtime Error invalid UUID.

blocks (1)
blocks (2)
blocks (3)

BLANSKY FINAL3.aia (300.7 KB)

What is your App connecting to? A microcontroller?

Tell us the Make/Model/Bluetooth version of your Android device and the device your App should connect to.

AT-09 BLE module, BLE 4.0 CC2541

  1. What is the AT-09 connected to? Make/Model.
  2. Make of the AT-09
  3. Android version of the LG G7
  4. Bluetooth version of the LG G7

You need to get into the habit of giving full and precise information when asked as we are always pushed for time and helping several people at once.

Arduino UNO R32
Módulo AT-09 BLE HM-10
Android versão: 10

Bluetooth version of the LG G7?

The AT-09 BLE is not an HM-10, it should however be similar. What is the BLE version of your AT-09? The Bluetooth versions affect how you can communicate with the devices.

We will need to see your Arduino Sketch, just post the file here.

What is your ServiceUUID? Have you double-checked that the UUIDs are identical in the App and in the Sketch?

Here is an example Project file that covers most corners:

Cris muito obrigado por seu apoio já consegui ultrapassar o problema, agor estou a term problema ao scan os dispositivos, ao usar no assistente AI esta a funcionar bem mas quando instalo aplicativo no smartphone esta vir assim como na imagem. me ajuda please.

Is that the list of devices? It's possible that the background colour and text colour are both black........

Sim é lista de dispositivos, mas não sei o que se passa na realidade.

It's likely due to the Theme your App is using, see Screen1 Properties. If it is set to "Device Default" there is every chance of problems arising on some smartphones - a really safe choice is MIT's Theme "Classic".

Make sure the item text of the list picker is a different colour to the item background: