How to connect to microbit

I download many aix and hex files from network.
For example:

However, my android phone version 13 cannot see any microbit device.
Do anyone have aix and hex for microbit?
Why does app inventor not put BLE and microbit extensions into app inventor?

Look at my tutorial here: App Inventor, Micro:bit and UART
or the official tutorial here: The Internet of Things: Data Acquisition and Analysis
The latest extension is here: MIT App Inventor Extensions

My phone has Android 14 and can see bluetooth devices just fine.

Can you give me your example?
I use latest extensions, but I cannot see any BLE device.

Did you try my tutorial or the the one at The Internet of Things: Data Acquisition and Analysis??
And what do you have on your micro:bit??
If, you have a proper .hex file on your micro:bit and if you load the example using the AI companion, then if you press the scan button, you should see all BT devices near you, including the micro:bit.
Let me know where you are stuck in any of these steps.