How to connect to a device having the IP address

Hi, I have already made an app which can be able to communicate and send information to another device from bluetooth. But I want to send some information using the IP address of a device, how do I need to change, or do, the code in order to use this IP address?

The app will be to move a specific robot, so its IP address would never change. How can I specify it so that as soon as I use the app, it is already communicating via Wi-Fi with this robot?

one of these extensions might help
WiFi Direct P2P Extension (Preview) by Shivendra Kr Sahu (35 EUR)
Wifi P2P Extension by Atom_Developer (17.5 USD) to share files or any data over WiFi Direct
Extension P2P for WiFi and Direct Internet support IP static and Dynamic, NAT, routers, etc by Open Qbit

see also the extensions directory here


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