How to condense text message blocks

By pressing one of the keys of the code I send an SMS. Since I create blocks for each press, my question is whether it is possible to condense all of this into a list.
I do not see how to do in this case.
If you see how to do it thanks in advance

I think you can do it like the picture.
The event block "whene any Button.Click" can be found under "Any Button" in the "Any component" tab of Blocks.

Hello Semicolon, Thanks for your reply. Yes it is already much better like that and it may be the only solution.
Except being able to put the different clicks on a list but I do not know at all if it is possible or not.
Thank you

Thank you.
I found a better way to use lists.

Yes you do with a minimum of blocks using the lists. I believe that it is not possible to make it shorter. Thank you very much Semicolon

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