How To Check That The Signed In User is a new user or old?

I don't find any code which checks the user is new or old, it just makes a new user object according to the data received by Google auth.


New or Old by which means?

  1. The Email ID Created is new.
  2. The Email ID has Signed In into the device for the First Time

Yes, the first option

You could store a value in a cloud variable to do that. The variable will store a value for a few days and then it will get deleted after the duration is over if the variable is created the device can read the variable and tell if the ID is new or else if the value is not found, the ID will be considered old.

I am talking about appinventor instance, not apps

@ewpatton may help

Oh, ok I misunderstood what you meant to say. If that's the case I cannot give you any help.