How to automatically delete the apk after the application is installed?

How to automatically delete the apk after the application is installed? Or is it possible to create a website to install the app as the Google Play store without making the apk available?

Please See This :

I don't think it works. I would like that after installation the .apk file would be deleted.

A google search

There is some difference as to whether you can or cannot, i.e. if from Google Play will also uninstall your app, but the consensus seems to be that you can delete an apk

The issue will be:

  1. Finding the apk, where it was downloaded to...
  2. Having permission to delete

Try something like this:


I want to give away my app to a number of people. But I want to guarantee that only they will have codes and if they pass on to someone else it will not work. Similar to serial, license key. Otherwise the apk will spread and more people will install it. I don't want that to happen. How do I do?

You could use a central online registration table, like my old MS Office 2007 license scheme.
Give each user a row in your central registration table with columns:

  • unique userID (email address?)
  • remaining installs allowed (decrement each time registered a first run)

On app startup, check if TinyDB1 has tag 'REGISTEREDUSERID'.
If not found, commence registration sequence, else start rest of app.

Registration sequence:

  • Show a text box, and ask the user to enter his given secret userID and click Register button
  • In Register.Click event, ask online registration table for remaining registrations count for this userID
  • When remaining count arrives:
    • If notfound or zero, tell the user tough luck, he needs a refill
    • Otherwise
      • Post count-1 to that userID entry in the online reg table
      • Save userID value (from textbox) to TinyDB1 tag REGISTEREDUSERID
      • Proceed to rest of app.

I thought it was a great idea. I tried to do it in the morning but without success. I gave up. Is building blocks really complicated? Isn't there an extension for that?

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tinydb is not possible. any other suggestions?

I have two methods to share-

  1. Allow only a limit number of people which means only the first few people who have opened the app will be able to access content.

  2. Use LOGIN based access which means if the person knows the ID and Password only then they shall be able to access the App.

If I didn't get this wrong , using FirebaseDB or Google sheets would be required for this right ?