How to add space here?

Hello Guys, I was developing appinventor but I encountered a doubt. I modified fonts and suddenly I noticed lack of responsiveness in the properties panel as u all can see here :

So, I knew br tags could help me but, Appinventor is made in Java so, my question is :

Which file must I modify to add some space between the labels and how must I modify ?. Any help is welcomed here.

@ewpatton Sir I hope this is possible

Trying to add with css margin and padding what you need .



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This works but, I want to apply particularly for a label

I can't understand what you want to do ??

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The thing u say works for all labels but what if i want to apply it differently for a label

Then add new style in label which label you want to modifed then add css in ya.css/gwt.css to do

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OK, will try and tell