How to add permission in extension

I try to write an etension to add some phone fonctionnalities
when i use it in AI, i have an error: "permission has been denied" even if i add ask permision block with "ANSWER_PHONE_CALLS"

So i suppose this permission is not in the manifest.
What i have to add in my extension in order this permission will add in manifest ?

use @UsesPermissions annotation example -

@UsesPermissions(permissionNames = "android.permission.INTERNET, android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO, android.permission.CAMERA")

Always look into source of Open Source extensions.


Thanks Aarush_Kumar it works ! :+1:

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pls mark as solution to close this topic

Yes you are right i saw this is interresting when you read a post...

but just how can i do it ??

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you will see this below and of the post -

well now dont do it because @Patryk_F already did it

ok thanks...done

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