How to add layout in appybuilder

How to add layout in appybuilder
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You show blocks from Kodular and are talking about AppyBuilder. This is the App Inventor community. I unlist this.

I talk about how to add layout in appybuilder code editor

Then you should be more clear from now on and explain exactly what you are trying to do.

How to add layout in creating extension

Why not show the code you have made sofar?

I do not know how to add layout so I create this topic

Now unlist my topic

You mean list?

I will list it for now.

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use HVArrangement as parameter and set variable name layout example -

public void Something(HVArrangement layout) {
// your code

also dont forget to import

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And how to add anything in that arrangement

try to take a look at customwebview createwebview block's code by @vknow360 -


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