How to add ID to androidmanifest.xml using

so im editing my appinventor source
i want to copy an ID from a property
and place it in androidmanifest.xml using compiler.xml
i follow some steps by editing too and add some line like they were doing in appybuilder with Onesignal but it didn't work
does anyone have any idea how to do that

EDIT:PS: i don’t know if that could be the problem but i don’t recompile the whole source i just recompile buildserver
i added to those lines

private static final String ID = "APPID";


public String getAPPID() { return properties.getProperty(ID); }


 public void setAPPID(String ID) {

properties.setProperty(ID, ID);

then i added the following to

private static final String ID = "ID";

String ID= (this.project.getAPPID() == null) ? "ID" : cleanName(this.project.getAPPID().trim());

BUT When i build my app the builder doesn't get the ID from and keep the ID empty in androidmanifest.xml

i need answer please

Meybe This what i sent will help you:

or this

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You need to be patient, if someone here has an answer or information for you, they will help when they are able.

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thnx but sadly it didn’t help fix the problem

Okay im waiting

ooo im sorry @Flag_Dz

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nah i appreciate your efforts thank you

Thank you very much @Flag_Dz

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This can’t be done using annotations in extensions. The PR that was merged requires that all of the information be statically known at compile time of App Inventor/the extension. If you’re building your own system, then you will want to look at how properties such as the WebViewer’s UsesLocation property are stored as a project-level setting and then consumed in Obviously, depending on the information you need to embed, you may need to use it in a location other than generatePermissions as given in the example.