How to add custom font in app inventor option?

I want to add fonts in app inventor font option to do so I want to know what I have to edit or change .


Use this extension-


No I want to edit app inventor source and add fonts in my personal version! And that extension isn't working perfectly.


do it ur self show error


Means? Explain in detail.


i guess @Tauqir_Tech_BD wants to make a label extension which acts like a normal label with all blocks as same but another property block in designer,blocks which can be used to change fonts and it is showing errors or not working properly
in that case

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not only in label in all components where font selection is enabled

and i want to add fontawsome , matrial icon etc in that link to use like kodular, appybuilder,

want to add custom font typeface

@ewpatton please help. I have added item in list but don't know what else I have to change and where I have to add the ttf file. Please help me😥


I don't believe it is possible to add a custom font to core app inventor. App Inventor seems to use the TextViewUtil class to set the font, which relies on the TypeFace class provided by core Android :confused: Since it relies on an outside class to handle the .ttf files, it doesn't seem to be modifyable.

But I'm not very familiar with this area of App Inventor, so I could be wrong!

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Thanks for your answer.:blush:

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If anyone know how to do it then please reply.

Can you tell me how to add fontawsome and material icon?


I'm not exactly sure; I don't have experience doing that :confused: The extension links that people posted above may be helpful =)

If you still need more help I recommend creating a new issue in the MIT App Inventor help category. It will be best if you describe exactly what you want to do, ie add fontawesome and material icons to your app =)

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Here is the demo to how to set font icon on label:

  1. download and import this extention: (v4)

  2. download the fontawesome-webfont.ttf (v4.7.0) file from here and upload to asset

  3. make the block like this:
    in this case, the label will be like this:

  4. for more unicode, please refer to:

that's all.

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Hi @Tauqir_Tech_BD
This should work fine:

  1. Add font name in file.
    Add font name in and files.
    (I assume you know how to add values there :wink: )

  2. Now you will have to do some modifications in
    Add this:

case Component.YOUR_FONT :
     tf = Typeface.createFromAsset(form.getAssets(),"your_font.ttf");

Make sure you add ttf file to assets.


Thanks for helping me