How to add contacts in the emulator and how to send them SMS?


I want to add contacts in the emulator and send them SMS. But I can’t do it. Actually, I try to resolve this problem with the help of the app but I didn’t succeed.
If someone can do that, that would be great.

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To send a Text message, sms, you must either use Companion to develop or to compile your Project and load on an cell phone George.

Once upon a time it was possible to use GoogleVoice to work with sms while using a Tablet without a phone account; Google made changes to GV that no longer makes that possible.

Sorry, George. This will not work with an emulator.

Thank you for your prompt reply. So, I will do that with the Companion.

Following your answer, does it exist an simulator which can do that ? Because I want to do a simulation before to do the real. :sweat_smile:

With some, if not all phone providers, you can send a Text to yourself. Just provide your Anddroid’s phone number in the Texting.PhoneNumber field. Then send call SendMesssage or SendMessageDirect depending on whether you use Companion 2.57a or
2.57au . Try it. Does it work for you?

okok, I will see that, then I will tell you.

I think I see what you want me to see. But the problem is that not a simulation, it’s directly the real. However, I want to do the simulation before. I have already made the real. Sorry for insisting. :sweat_smile:

Yes, the example I provided actually sends an sms to your phone.

You want to do a simulation George. What does that mean to you?

Perhaps instead of actually using the call SendMesssage or SendMessageDirect Blocks,
replace them with fakeSMS
and show it on a Label on your screen.

If you want specific advice, post an image of your Blocks so far and a more detailed explanation of what you want to do. With App Inventor , you unfortunately can't get the contact information directly from the device's Contact lists. Provide your own list of contacts stored in a List or in a TinyDB or use one of the paid or free? Contact extensions at App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

okok thank you for the help, I will see that, then I will tell you.

Yes I agree, this example sends an sms to my phone.
Let me give you my project : I want to send a message pre-written (i.e, to configure it in the program), to a contact who I can select in the app.
In my opinion, a simulation is the realisation of a system, but which is not real, i.e like a modelisation. We can take the example of the flight simulators in aeronautics.
I have already do the real system, I can show you :


This program works well, in my phone.
The problem is that I want to do the same thing but in the computer, with virtual phones. With the App Inventor emulator, I can’t do that, or I don’t know how. So can you have any solution ?

Thank you for the website of extensions, I didn’t know that existed.

Sorry. App Inventor developers cannot do this using the emulator that is distributed with aiStarter George. If you need this capability with virtual phones (whatever that means to you); consider using a commercial service to send the text message. That might be possible.

You might be able to develop with the professional Android Studio compiler (which may offer you different options, I don't know.) and do it using a different emulator.

Maybe someone else has a solution for your desire to use an emulator to send sms. I don't.

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okok, anyway thank you for everything you do. :+1:

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