How to Add Category in Property Palette?


how to add this type of property category in app inventor properties palette (something like punya framework) ?

thank you

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Sir Can you explain me more about that.

That's a custom feature I built for PUNYA. We haven't backported it to App Inventor, but it is on my (admittedly very long) todo list.

Why Punya AppInventor Source code on GitHub is different from a Punya running on (
Because there is some difference between GitHub and Punya instance.
Like, Extension issues are not there, some category name is also changed etc in Punya live instance.
There are some issues in Github Repo masters.

When the extension is selected and click to import it gives issues.

foundIn = v183c-punya1-
faultData = (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'Prb' of undefined.

If it is possible can you please Update to that latest source in GitHub?

Kunal Mishra

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