How to add buttons or the text box in the center of the UI

I really tried to add buttons either in the center or beneath the screen but it goes on the top by default. No, I want my buttons to be in the center but I can't put them there. I tried Horizontal arrangement. It did create some space but it was very little. it was about an inch. How should I go about it? I don't know any image that I can share with you but I hope you would understand the problem I am facing.

Sorry I forgot to mention one thing. I also want the Buttons to be like I want one button in the center and the other on the side. can i do that?

set your screen to scrolable = false
drag a vertical arrangement to the working area and set its width and height to fill parent
drag a horizonal arangement into the working area below the vertical arrangement and set its width to fill parent, now drag your buttons into that horizontal arrangement and you find them on the bottom of the screen


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Some help on my site:
(inc short how-to movie)

Thank you Taifun and ChrisWard. It helped a lot and I was able to make my code and Thank you Chris for the site. It was very helpful. :slight_smile: :blush:

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