How to add a custom name for the local host

How to change custom name from the values of MIT App Inventor file change name

@superboy Could you elaborate a bit, like where exactly i need to change the name in this file to reflect the custom name.

Do you mean the head tittle ?

Yes @Pradevel

Need to change this title.

You can change it in the index.html file in war folder try...

Actually i did this already, but the changes is not happening. Its coming up for a second and then its MIT app inventor only.


Hello @Satzd68,
The App Inventor's website title is being set dynamically at:

So, if you want to change the title to something else, you may want to modify the corresponding OdeMessage to your new name:

Oh thanks I also did not know that.... :slight_smile:

@MohamedTamer But i could not find the line where i could change the values.

You should do your changes to the OdeMessages class, you can find it at appengine/src/com/google/appinventor/client/.
The ode message that you need to modify is titleYoungAndroid.

Yaa got it now. thanks for your support @MohamedTamer

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