How to access iOS Canvas save location?

I used this code

And it shows me it is saved at this location.

Is there way to easily access this location? Preferably easy enough for the kids using this feature.

To do what, exactly? Other components should be able to use the file URL returned by the Canvas.Save method. You can just treat the result as an opaque handle to the file. For example, you can assign the result to an Image's Picture property to render the saved image.

To do what, exactly?
I want to be able to export it out of the app. So I can use that image on a website, save on camera roll, save on thumb drive, etc. But it seems you can only use the image within the app?

If you want to send it to a web server, then you will want to use the PostFile method of the Web component to upload it somewhere.

I will look into what it would take API-wise to allow you to write it to the user's Photos library. I have seen other apps do this so it's really just understanding how we would need to implement it for App Inventor.

In terms of an arbitrary thumb drive, generally iOS apps cannot write outside their sandboxes so I don't think that is possible.

Note you could also use the Sharing component, which should give a more general OS-specific mechanism to share the image with other apps, people, etc.