How secure is CloudDB?

How secure is the CloudDB extension?
Would it be safe enough for a private chatroom app?

Secure until it is hacked. CloudDB can use SSL ( SSL provides ‘basic’ encryption.) as indicated in the documentation CloudDB

Use your OWN Redis server; not the default server. Setup and run your own server. Set the RedisServer property and RedisPort property to access your own server. Provide your own safeguards and read about what a Redis server is and can do. Redis for Dummies

“safe enough for a private chatroom app” :smile: You want ‘safe’, use encryption. Do not use the default server (which is for experimentation).

MIT only provides a tool (CloudDB) to access a Redis database. The tool does not create a Redis database. MIT CloudDB can link to a default server for testing. Secure???

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Thanks for that response, I might setup my own server then!

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