How search specific data in a excel column and give details of that row


I am a beginner of mit app inventor. So still I am learning about this and I dont have much knowledge on this.

I would like to make an app for my book store to find the details about the book and where I can find it/relocate the book after reading. So I have an excel sheet list of books I have, barcode number of each book, and the location of the book(rack and place details).

So aftering referring many tutorials and searching in the internet, as the first step I was able to convert the excel into csv file and load the csv file into phone and read it.

So as the next step I am trying to search for the barcode number in the column and give regarded details of that book.
And as I have a list of more than 100 books, it’s hard to enter all the details one by one into new lists.

While searching and learning many tutorials, I got to know that I need to create a list of list to do this.
But I am stucked at this point, so please help me.
I have attached screenshots of the point I am stucked right now.
Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Please export your project and post it here.

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