How save a long canvas as a square image?

Hello everybody,

I have a very long canvas (say 200x1800 pixels) that I have put it in a HorizontalScrolableArrangement. It is a graph of data recordings.

It works OK and when I want to save it as an image, I use "canvas1 save as" method. This step also works alright and the image is saved.

But, I am thinking of how to cut the very long canvas (or image) and divide it to three parts, then put the parts above each other; to have a more or less square image.

Is there a trick to do that?

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See HERE for "chunking your image"

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I haven't tested this, but you should be able to do this without an extension. See Canvas.aia (2.8 KB)

Must be very close to what I want. But how should I re-arrange the chunked images and attach them together?

I should test. I didn't exactly understand how it works.

Whilst the image extension provides a method for chunking an image into pieces, I am still not sure how you expect a combination of these image to become square, from a very long rectangle. You might want to show an example of what you mean....

It uses another canvas to crop the image

something like this:

to this:

OK, sorry, should have read your first post more closely: HORIZONTAL Scrolling Arrangment :wink:

Just use three (or more...) suitably sized and laid out image components to display your output

Upload an aia and I might be able to implement this for you tonight.