How much RAM the app?

hello, I started build apps in mit app and I want to know how much RAM I can to do in the app?
100MB? 1GB?

Thank you very much!!!

Look this:

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Can you be more clear on what do you actually what to ask? :thinking:

If you are saying how much RAM is available to the app, then answer is that it depends on the device and how many active screens (and other applications) are running

And if you are asking the maximum size of an application, then it's 30 MB.

Thank you

So you know about software or app free reduce in size mp3?

sorry about my English, I don't spokesperson.

I think it would be a good idea to upload mp3 files to e.g. google drive and download them when you first start the application. The second way is @Anke's idea to which I gave you a link. You need to decompile the APK, add files to the repository, and compile the APK.
Mp3 compression can be done too, but you are losing quality.
You can use online tools like this:

OK. I will try this online.

How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 30 MB

see especially @Anke's solution there


This question can also be interpreted as
How big is the address space in RAM available to AI2 apps?

It's probably some power of 2, depending on the Android version.

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