How many images can you put in a programma list

Is this arrangement of a slideshow a good arrangement or can you create an easier arrangement, now I have to add image names in blocks and upload the image one by one on the screen under media
Does anyone know how many images one can put in a program's list, my files are about 80kB each
Can someone help me

You may find it easier to use the File component blocks to return a directory listing of all your image files (or you could use Taifun's File extension). Then you do not have to enter each file in a list.

If building an android app with the main AI2 server, you have a project size limit of @ 27mb (there is an @ 3mb overhead added when the app is compiled). Therefore it should be possible to have @ 320 images of @ 80kb in size. Whether placing this many images in your media folder (assets) is a) a good idea, and b) won't crash the app is worth considering. You could always download all the images on first run of the app (or as required).

how do you do this with the Taifun File extension please

Try reading the documentation:

If your image file names are all in the form JOIN('Pic',n,'.jpg') and you know in advance how many you have, there is no need to keep a list of their names, is there?