How many App submissions for a theme

Hi, Everyone I am B.S.S.SRIKAR
My Doubt is that
How many submission I can make for one theme
For example:
On Theme 2
App 1
App 2

Like this how many apps can I make for 1 theme???
Thank You,

You can submit only 1 app for the appathon. Choose a theme and make 1 app.


Do you mean,
Only 1 theme and only 1 app



Can You please explain me Theme 1, City of the Future App
and Theme 3, Computational Action App

What is unclear about Theme 3?

Theme 3: Computational Action App

How could your app make the world better? Identify a need in your community and create an app to address that need. For instance, Is there an app that could address water/air quality? Is there something that could help with the problem of food insecurity? Can your app help with demands in a post-Covid world? In your write-up and video, give us a clear, concise description of how your app addresses a community need.

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Thank You, I don't know the meaning of Computational Action,

Computational Action means that you will be able to make an app which can make a difference in your community. Do you see something "wrong" in your community that could be helped with an app you develop. How can your app help your community.

The following quote is from Reducing the Barriers for Computational Action

Computational action, by which learners are given opportunities to build projects with real-world applicability, is, we argue, a preferable way to engage young people in learning how to program


Thank You So much