How long the presentation video could be?

We are preparing the video and presentation materials now. It would take about 10 minutes for us to introduce our App clearly. Is that fine? Thanks a lot!


It is all explained on the appathon website.....

Teams must submit an AIA project export of their App Inventor app as well a short writeup about the app, which will be publicly shared for winners, and a video of no more than 2 minutes explaining how the app works (which will not be posted publicly).

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It would be quite hard to explain clearly about the APP in just 2 minutes. :thinking:

Then you will have to try really hard together with your short write up to explain what your app does. Every project takes about 30 minutes to judge. Within that timeframe is watching the video, reading the description, loading the project, studying the blocks, testing it in the companion, filling in the form with the results, etc. And every project has 3 judges to begin with.

Thanks a lot! How much the description and supporting materials could be?

Again, you can find information on the appathon website. Here are descriptions from last years winners.

You will receive an email about the submissions process later today. The description of the project cannot be longer than 800 words. The key is to achieve as much clarity in as little time (2 min video) and as little space (800 word description) as possible. This is one of the challenges of the Appathon. Judges will have very limited time to evaluate each project so you need to be mindful of that. Best of luck!