How is Screen1 Initialize and GetTagList related?

A very strange problem. Initially I did not have When Screen1.Initialize at all. Had just the when ReadBtn.Click, I observed that I had to double click ReadBtn to activate it. Then I Googled and got the idea, that doing an Initialize Screen might help, I tried it and ReadBtn started working with a single click. However I ran into another issue:
I login, switch couple more layouts and then am suppose to press ReadBtn. However the moment I scan the QR code, connect my Android phone and get the Login Screen immediately the ReadBtn gets clicked automatically. I really don't need the Intialize Screen but then how to prevent the need for double click? Please advice. Thanks

You describe some very peculiar behaviour, none of which sounds correct....

Screen1.initialise is in no way related to ".GetTagList" ( I presume this is Firebase, or is it CloudDB ?)

  • You should not have to "double click" a button to call the Firebase/CloudDB TagList.
  • You should not have to have a Screen1.Initialise event with the same content as your button Click event in order for the button click event to run.

There must be something else going on in your blocks programming.....

Can you provide a repeatable example (aia project) that replicates this behaviour?

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Very sorry you are right. I cannot duplicate it on a stand alone program. I will work on my original app. My apologies I should have verified that before posting the question. I shall delete this posting to avoid any confusion once you have read this reply.

No please don't. If you find the reason, post it back here. Others can learn from your experience :slight_smile:

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This was the bug in my original code. I was testing for 1 the first time and naturally it is 0 so did the else on the second click it worked. I will fix this. Thanks and that marks the closure of me help request.

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