How i can write a credit in the openstreetmap

Hi comunity im very happy to belong to this big comunity. my question is how can i write a credit in the openstreet map, like appear in the picture openstreetmapcredit

thank you

I do not believe it is possible to add your own credit to the map component. You can add a map feature (marker/shape) with an infobox to display text, or place a label above or below the map.

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Hello TIMAI2 i want to add the same credit as apear in the original map, i want to give all the credit to openstreetmap.

the original credit apear in the appinventor map but not in the comanion or in the final apk

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It appears in Companion (2.62u) and a compiled app for me (Android 10)

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Hi Luis.

These are OSM's licensing requirements OpenStreetMap

OSM "require that developers use the credit “© OpenStreetMap contributors” That is exactly the wording what is displayed on the maps in the apk you develop and that is displayed with Companion.

The proper required credit appears in both the apk and the Companion when the map is displayed on a device. Are you using App Inventor nb188 and Companion 2.62?

OSMcredits The credits do not appear on the display in an emulator but that is not an issue. The ability to provide the credits in the compiled app fully meets OSM's requirements.


Thankyou both of you for you help now everything is clear for me

thankyou stevejg big hug

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