How i can show the temperature measured in my app? And store it later in databank?

I am developing an app who can show a temperature measured by LM35,conected in Arduino,ESP 8266 to wifi. But i don´t know which code who can satisfy my desire. I saw many codes similar to it, but they used the Bluetooth Device.
And more: i wanna to store that temperatures mesuared in tinydB or another databank!!!

Can you help me?

Many regards,


Maybe this can give you some ideas:

If you search for esp8266 and App Inventor, you will find plenty of examples.
First try to make an app that makes connection to your ESP8266, then try to expand your app with using LM35.

Search this forum and the documentation for tinyDB and how to use it. The choice of your database will depend on how much you want to store and whether others need access to that data.