How i can get tags and values in firebase and make compare?

Thank you but in my screenshot I stored tags and values need to change ?

You should have the username from the login, so no need to fetch it again. If you return all the users in one call, you have all the data. Use blocks to organise the returned data.

And if you have anyway to contact direct with you ?

I mean the structure of database is correct ?
And when i login in user i get all data for this user by put project bucket as global variable
But how if i want in same screen fetch all data for other users ?

Yes - it will work
Yes - if you use the blocks I showed for a user
Use the blocks I showed for all users

We had a very nice school bus tutorial in the Firebase FAQ, but it was monetized to death.

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Can you put the exactly link

I need the idea what must after student login screen how get location of his driver and track it ?

Here's a posh tutorial on bus tracking.

Maybe it has parts you can use.

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hello everyone i have this code above store tags and values in firebase i want to know how i can get tags and values for all users

I believe you got the anwser in ..

is users a reserve word? because i didnt add anything named users

In a previous post you have Users as a top line tag:

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yes i had users
now no
like this

i need some one help me i am new in mit app inventor

Please hide sensitive infos such as emails and firebase's url

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I would put them all back under a topline tag called Users. This will make it easier to access just this data, and reduce confusion with any other topline tags with different content that you may wish to add.

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If you are doing a school bus app, ask yourself how to track a bus that has not yet picked up any students.

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Did you mean same first structure ?
Use projectbucket as users then put inside it user

Yes, like you had before