How i can download a web page from de webview in app inventor?

Hello, i whant download a web page from the web viewer like text....... how i can do that?.....

You don't use the webviewer, you use the web component.

Thanks for answering, do you mean that I can request the page through the web viewer and save it with the web component ?.

What I want is to open the page with the web viewer because the web component gives me an ssl error the site I want to download is http, and save it locally, take the data from the saved html code and pass it back to the site that is in the web viewer .

It is to log into a web page from my App inventor apk, I want to solve a cookie problem and with Csfr.
Cross site with AppInventor, is this possible? Thank you.

See this topic, it might give you some ideas

Thanks for the help