How I can always start with the same screen?

I want when I open the app,always ask the password first, and then switch to another screen. but when I enter the PW and restart the app, its 's in 2nd screen and it doesn't ask for PW. what should I do ?

Welcome to community. Please post a screenshot of your blocks. Maybe you use tinyDB to save credentials once a user sign in/login so next time your app doesn't ask for password again

Somewhat this way, I have not taken sign-up into considration, used fixed login-pass. You can adapt accordingly.

thank you.where is call logged in screen block? I'm new on mit app inventor idk where it is :smile:

You have to start Companion or Build from Login Screen, not from others

This is just for illustrative purpose only.It is a place from where you will call a new screen or a new virtual screen - simply welcome screen logic.